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Preschool & Kindergarten

At Shining Stars, we want to nurture a growth mindset in each individual and instill a life-long love for learning. We take pride in our holistic and individualized teaching approach. In our classrooms, students are encouraged to think both critically and creatively. Beyond that, Shining Stars strives to develop students’ social and emotional skills. Our well-rounded programs built a strong foundation for future learning.   


Our dynamic approach has allowed us to continue improving our curriculum and standards over the past 25 years. Since the opening of our school, we have become a trilingual school, providing teaching in Bahasa Indonesia, English, as well as Mandarin. Additionally, we have been able to witness the success of our student alumni in their elementary years up to their higher education.  


In Shining Stars, we value our relationships with the students and their families. We believe that learning does not only happen in school but also at home. Thus, we want to provide much support to our parents.



Our Toddler and Nursery classes are designed to help children to discover themselves and to become familiar with the world around them. We take pride in teaching them to become confident and independent individuals who embrace the diversity found in their environment. Our holistic approach provides a personal and enriching experience for your children as they learn new concepts in the classroom. 



Around this age, children go through a lot of transition. Our kindergarten programs are designed to help children adapt during their transition from preschool to kindergarten then, from kindergarten to first grade. Activities will aim to foster academic-skills as well as other skills that will help them succeed in their future education. It includes social and emotional skills, gross and fine motor skills, critical thinking skills, and creativity skills.

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