Felice, mom of Viela Grace Susanto


“Our daughter, Viela was 3 years old when she started going to school in Shining Stars. She had anxieties in her early school days, just like most kids do. However, the teachers were very patient and loving that soon enough, she really enjoyed going to school. The cozy learning environment also helps her to feel more at home.”​


Fifi Karamoy


I'm a mother of 3 boys with 3 different personalities. 2 of them are Shining Stars' graduates, and the youngest is still a student. Shining Stars gave them what they need to grow with different approaches. Shining Stars also helps them to discover their hidden talents, develop their interests, also improve their personalities in a fun, fun way. My boys are so happy every time they go to school and that's why choosing S.S is surely one of our best decision ever made.”​


SS Bintaro

Jl. Elang Raya HF 1 No. 13-15
Sektor 9 Bintaro Jaya
Tangerang Selatan 15229
Telp: 021-74860555

WA: +62 817-9860-555

SSA Permata

Clubhouse Permata Mediterania
Jl. Pos Pengumben Raya
Jakarta Barat 11630
Telp: 021-5872456
WA: +62 818-234584

SSA Sunter

Jl. Agung Perkasa 10
Blok J7 No. 10-11
Sunter Agung Podomoro
Jakarta Utara 14350
Telp: 021-6508258,
WA : +62 811-9787-827

SSA Kuningan

Mall Kuningan City
Lantai 2, L2-45
Jl. Prof. DR. Satrio no 18, Kuningan

Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan
Jakarta 12940
Telp: +62 877-8765-1320
WA : +62 877-8765-1320

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