Felice, mom of Viela Grace Susanto

Our daughter, Viela was 3 years old when she started going to school in Shining Stars. She had anxieties in her early school days, just like most kids do. However, the teachers were very patient and loving that soon enough, she really enjoyed going to school. The cozy learning environment also helps her to feel more at home.

Viela grew to love learning in her new school. She really loved the hands on learning method, it suited her well as a kinesthetic learner. The creative methods used to deliver the materials were very appealing to her. We really loved hearing her telling stories about what she had learned at school.

What we, as parents, loved most about Shining Stars, was how the teachers put so much attention to each and every students, including our daughter. The teachers were fully aware about the progress and capabilities of every students, socially, physically and academically.

All in all, studying in Shining Stars was a great experience for both our daughter and us as parents.

Thank you Shining Stars for making Viela's first experience with school a great one..