Rasyad dan Syawqie

We are parents of 2 adorable, energetic and talkative boys who have high curiosity and critical thinking. These two children have different characteristics yet they have experienced the same precious early and basic education at Shining Stars

Both of our "not so little" baby, Rasyad and Syawqie, started their early education journey at Shining Stars when they were 2.5 and 3 years old. At the beginning we were very selective in determining preschool for our little one.

Rasyad the eldest, who had long lists of allergen and need extra attention towards his foods and surrounding areas, became afraid to try something new and hard to socialize with children with the same age due to he was affraid to get dirty and sick.

Syawqie the youngest, needed special attention on his communication skill and ability in focusing to one thing more than 5 minutes. He barely couldn't stay still listening or paying attention to other person.

After analysing and comparing to several schools we decided to choose SS for them. Like many other parents, we trusted SS and its program to build and develop our beloved sons. From Toddler Class graduated to Nursery Class.

But then they showed us well developed skills and behavior, they had fun and enjoyed every moment there. As they grew up, they had graduated from Nursery Class to TK A then moved up to TK B.

Many stories had been told to us and many hand crafted things were brought home from their class activities. They told us with proud on how they managed to make and finish all of the assignments from different projects at school, they always excited when telling about their friends, teachers and their achievements at class.

Shining Stars is not just a school but also as second home to them... They spent most of their childhood there, it's their second family where they shared their everything with their friends and teachers.

We're so happy, proud and sad at the same time... Rasyad become braver to try new things and he had lots frieds. While Syawqie, not just he improves his communication skills, also he's so brave when performing as Buto Ijo at his graduation day!! They'll miss all their best friends and teachers

I can't thank enough to all SS teachers, staffs, and friends for all the love, great things, and experiences.

My deepest gratitude to all