Status: Feeling Happy at Kidzania

Happiness was definitely what the students felt during their trip to Kidzania last April 27, 2015. This was after they got over their initial fear of enclosed elevators, moving escalators and strong aversion to loud noises. This combined trip of the Early Intervention Class and the Functional Academics Class was the culmination of the term’s discussion about occupations, transportations, money management and food preparation.


Given the varying needs of these special learners, preparations were made ahead of time. At the beginning of the month, parents were advised to have their children try using the escalators and elevators inside the malls. They were likewise asked to expose their children little by little to large crowds and loud noises. But despite these preparations, challenges were still encountered along the way, with students refusing to ride the elevator, students removing the entrance bracelets and students having difficulty waiting in line among others.

These were just minor detours for at the end of the day, after major coaxing and encouragement everyone was able to overcome their apprehensions and was able to have a grand time inside Kidzania. Truly, the trip served as an effective learning opportunity to discuss the lessons and to practice important life and social skills.


The students had a fun time trying out the different occupations like becoming firefighters, doctors, bakers, bread sellers among others. The different miniature buses, cabs and trains also provided amusements for the kids, enough for them to forget that they were actually waiting in line. The trip back to school via a big bus also proved to be so much fun for the kids. They truly were feeling happy at Kidzania!