All Creatures Great and Small

The special needs students of SSA BSD definitely had an amazing summer. Not only did they get to know various farm and zoo animals in class, they also had the chance to see and feed them live in Eco Park Ancol last July 10, 2015. The trip was the culmination activity of the two-week summer program offered by the school. During this two week program, the students were able to participate in various gross motors tasks, arts and crafts activities, discussions and other interesting and fun activities about their favorite farm and zoo animals.


The students not only learned about the specific body parts of the animals, they also heard and watch videos of their habitat and breeding grounds. The teachers likewise taught the kids about the important roles these animals play in our daily lives, be it serving as food or maintaining the balance in the ecosystem. At the end of the first week, they brought home their diorama of a farm. This was followed by a mobile zoo that they also got to bring home on the second week. But the real highlight of the program was definitely the trip to the Eco Park.


At the Eco Park, the students had a close encounter with various animals. They got to feed the deer and the goats with some grass.  The park attendant also showed the kids how to feed the ducks and the rabbits. They furthermore got down on their knees to try farming. With the help of the teachers and the park staff, the kids experienced planting corn and getting clay from the ground which they later on turned into interesting animal figures. At the end of the trip, the kids were truly tired but were still smiling after having a close encounter with the animals and plants inside the park. Truly, seeing all creatures great and small up close and personal can bring a certain kind of joy to a child’s heart.