Children safety, school cleanliness and fun learning method are our top concerns when we search a school for our little girl. She was just 20 months then, we want to make sure that she'll be safe and happy in her school, after all, there will be another 18-20 yrs of education that she must go through, so this first learning experience should leave a positive memories.

We found all that we search in SSA BSD, and it also got one plus point : close distance with our home :). Other than fun learning method, SSA BSD also provide anecdotal report that will show us in detail (with pics) of each learning activity & how our children progressing in 1 term.

For a working mom like me, this help a lot to coupe the guilty feeling of not always be there to accompany her.
Thank you teachers and SSA BSD for giving a pleasant learning experience.

Angela (Abigail's mom)