Show and Tell Program

In variation to the termly field trip program, mainstream classes of Shining Stars Academy BSD, held a special event of show and tell titled “My Little World and I” on the 6th March, 2015. The event took place in Toddler-Nursery Classroom, Shining Stars BSD 3rd floor from 08.30 – 10.00 for Toddler, and from 10.30 – 12.00 for Nursery and TK-A. The main purpose of the event was to integrate what the children had learned during term 3. Besides that, it was also intended to develop children’s potentials and confidence and to develop the collaboration and cooperation between parents and their child in exploring the child’s talents. Intentionally, the idea of show and tell was meant to give the children a broad choice of presentation, from singing, dancing, to poem presentation or mini story telling. However, most of the children and parents chose to present singing and dancing show.


During the event, the audience could enjoy various singing and dancing performances given by the students accompanied by their parents. The themes of the presentations were related to “My self and Routines” for Toddler, “Sports, Transportations, and Other Non-living Things” for Nursery, and “Space and Planets and Indonesian Cultures” for TK-A. After the performances, there was tea and coffee time in which all the parents, children, and teachers, could enjoy some snacks and drinks provided by the school while chatting with the other parents or with the teachers.


Some parents expressed their appreciation to the event. They think such a program is good since the children could develop courage and confidence performing in front of many people. Through the process of preparing the show, parents could explore and identify their child’s potentials. Besides that, the event could be a good media for parents to meet up with the other parents and their child’s teachers. They could share about their experience educating their children.