A Totally Fruity Monday!

Students and teachers alike had fun last September 29, 2014 as both the Early Intervention Class and the Functional Academics Class had a shopping trip at Total Buah Segar, Alam Sutera. The trip was part of both classes’ learning activities outside the school each term. The students were given individual shopping lists and money to pay for their purchases. Prior to the shopping activity, students had a pretend shopping activity in school to prepare them for the trip. They also practiced lining up in front of a pretend cashier to let them get used to the idea of waiting and paying.

It was indeed a fun event participated by all the students. Some parents also dropped by to see their children do their shopping. Accompanied by their respective teachers, the students went from one aisle of fruits to another looking for the fruits in their shopping list. The staff of Total Buah Segar was also very accommodating and even engaged in small chit chat with the students. They were also helpful in reminding the students to have their fruits weighed first before going to the cashier. The cashiers were likewise friendly and patient in waiting for the kids to complete their payment and even reminded them about their unclaimed changes.

The trip was also helpful in raising the awareness among the school’s immediate community about the needs of these learners and how ordinary community members can help in educating them. The regular shoppers of Total Buah Segar were patient during the trip letting the students pass by and even encouraging them to look for the fruits that they haven’t found yet. It was indeed a totally fruity Monday for the students after which they were encouraged to bring home the fruits for their parents.