Message From the Management

Dear Parents,

How time flies! It has been indeed an eventful term3 for all of us in Shining Stars Permata Mediterania. Apart from learning, our children have made significant progresses in all other developmental areas. It has been simply delightful to watch them grow each day, and we would like to thank you for your continuous and relentless support. Without you, we would not have achieved so much success! As the term ends, we would like to give you an overall review of all the highlights that have taken place in the last term in Shining stars.

For our toddler class, our little ones settled in quickly with their wonderful Ms. Puang. The children have grown much in independence, following routines, and most importantly, understanding the concept of others and learning to share with others!

It has been a significant term for our lovely nursery children! Apart from gaining much knowledge on the topics they learned with their lovely Ms Eveline and Ms Suci, they have experienced a very important lesson of their life, being accepting and tolerant. (It warms your heart when you see our children at such young ages, are able to extend their kindness and include the new member of the class.

When it comes to our K1 class, it is always in the full blast! Teaching a class of energetic little individuals, Ms Inda and Ms Terresia are never short of stories to share. They have grown so much in their learning, as well as developing friendship with their peers. The kids had busy and exciting project weeks and their presentation was awesome!

Our “Big Brother” group-the four K2 boys have matured tremendously during Term3. Guided by Ms Puang and Ms Suci, they have learned much about love: accepting and embracing differences. They are growing in developing friendships while staying true to themselves. They joined our K1 students in the project week, and being the “Big Brothers”, they certainly played the leadership role.

Last but not least, we would like to mention the Mandarin study in each classroom. You would be amazed by their enthusiasm in learning a different language. They learned singing songs, nameing objects, telling numbers, writing strokes and even characters. Our K1 and K2 students have even made a book of Mandarin Characters this term! A big thumb up for our Laoshi and our little learners!

As term3 comes to the end, the preparation for the upcoming Graduation Ceremony in term4 has just started. The children are learning singing the songs, doing the dance movements to get ready for that exciting event. And we would not be surprised if you have already heard them singing at home.

So this is our overall review for Term3. Once again, we want to thank you for trusting us with the education of your children. We are blessed to have all these wonderful kids in our school, and we are looking forward to continuously working with you for the best of these Little Shining Stars!

Have a wonderful term break and see you soon!