Shining Stars started shaping young minds in the preschool age in 1998. Toddler and Nursery class were only offered. However, as the school progressed and gained a reputation in the community, satisfied parents encouraged the opening of new classes for children in the kindergarten age. In 2001, Kindergarten class was launched.

We did not stop developing and enriching our curriculum in keeping with our goal of helping children in their early age. Thus, Baby Classes were introduced in 2008, accepting children as young as 8 months to 18 months.

Shining stars has been striving for over a decade when its management decided to open its door to children with learning difficulties. Over time. more kids needing special attention were growing in number. Shining Stars realized the fact that children with learning difficulties needed special intervention and intensive programs to support them as they learn and develop skills. With that in mind, Shining Stars started the Early Intervention Program, and later on the Primary Functional Program for primary aged children.

A Whole Child, Every Child